About Peter H. Larkam

Peter Howard Larkam is a Life Optimization Engineer, educator, and entrepreneur.  His background includes: licensed professional engineer, certified project management professional, master scuba diver, private pilot, experimental helicopter builder, and fitness / nutrition expert with multiple marathons and a third place finish in an Ironman® length triathlon under his belt. He’s built and led teams in volunteer and corporate settings, risen to top leadership roles in numerous organizations, served as an expert witness on many occasions, held responsibility for safety of multiple crews of field workers, mission-critical computer system reliability and cyber security, and billions of dollars of public infrastructure assets. He’s intensely curious, can be relentlessly focused, ridiculously persistent, is usually optimistic, tactful, and unpretentious.

Don’t kid yourself, though.  He’s just like you.  With your own hopes and dreams, with your own personality quirks and struggles, with all the ups and downs each of us faces as we navigate life in the real world.  From a young age, he was inquisitive, and although his progress wasn’t always graceful, eventually, he gained traction more easily and learned to experience more frequent successes.  Just like you.  Peter quips that although he received scholarships to attend some prestigious formal educational institutions, he paid full price out-of-pocket tuition in the more relevant schools of Practical Experience, Hard Knocks, and Anguish Academy, even repeating several classes to learn the patiently awaiting life’s lesson(s)!  Occasionally, he still repeats some of these practical courses!!  For several decades, Peter has remained focused on discovering, distilling, and disseminating the essence of repeatable achievement.  This is his passion, his mission, and his gift to you.

Initially a struggling school student, Peter has earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Claremont McKenna College (Management Engineering) and The University of Texas in engineering, business, and educational psychology, including a doctorate with all course requirements in two areas: (1) human learning / motivation / psychology, and (2) quantitative methods / psychometrics. He applies a data-driven analytical mindset, understands situations from several different professional perspectives simultaneously, and also brings a deep understanding of motivational drives and personal value priorities.  Peter brings this broad background and well-honed skills to real world practical outcomes for individuals and (ideally also) the common good. He invests considerable time learning, verifying and teaching high-leverage principles, strategies and tactics, with a focus on balanced, holistic, sustainable growth, personal transformation, and overall well-being.  He deeply enjoys helping others learn, grow, transform, and progressively win.

What’s unique about his background and perspective that’s valuable for you?  It’s simultaneously broad and deep, action-oriented and reflective.  The fourth of five children born to an MIT engineer / scientist and a Canadian clinical social worker / performing pianist, Peter grew up instinctively integrating the divergent values of a rural Idaho farming family and a line of Canadian educators.  His own formal educational experiences also have bridged the ideological spectrum multiple times, helping him to see the world through many different ideological lenses.  He embraced audio learning more than 40 years ago, listening multiple thousands of hours to motivational and educational audios during frequent runs, a practice he continues today.  He has acquired an educational audio, video, and print/digital library in a wide range of subject areas and shares much of this material with students and business partners.  He pays intentional attention to a wide spectrum of political discourse.  There’s a good chance he is able to understand, appreciate, and relate to how you experience the world…

About the photographs on this website:  Except where noted or photos that include him, Peter took each photo on this website.  He cherishes time in nature and believes each life should reflect internal and external harmony and reveal innate natural beauty.  The snow capped mountain photo above was captured during a hike in remote areas of the West Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada. Did you notice the small helicopter? That helicopter is one of Dr. Larkam’s own personal dreams… a Helicycle.  You can learn more about it on this website if interested.  Didn’t notice it at first?  What else might have you overlooked or brushed past in your life that — if you did notice, grasp, internalize, act upon, and habitualize — could dramatically enhance your life or the life of someone you deeply love?  If this brief introduction to Peter resonates with you, he will be honored to welcome you to his growing and thriving community.

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